Let’s Get Real #63

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Woot! Woot! Let’s get this Friday started. Let’s Get Real is all about Healthy Living. That’s right! It’s all about Real Food, fitness, health and wellness, and home life tips and tricks from Real people. That’s you! Grab a cup of coffee (or other preferred beverage ). Relax into a comfy spot and take some time to get to know the great folks that link up here.

**  If you are interested in co-hosting Let’s Get Real with us, we would love to have you.  Please email Christina at:  jugglingrealfoodandreallife@gmail.com.  It’s super easy to host and a whole lot of fun.

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Perfectly Personal™ Christmas Cards and Easy Card Display

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 Thank you, Shutterfly, for sponsoring this post! All opinions and designs are 100% my own.

Easy Christmas Card Display

I know that many of you are feverishly working on last minute Halloween costumes and shopping for candy…oh man…I just realized I haven’t bought any candy to hand out yet! Add that to my last minute to-do list! Anyway, Christmas cards may be the very last thing on your mind right now, but it’s coming sooner than you think! And if you like to create your own personal holiday cards, it takes time to get the photos done, design your cards, order them from Shutterfly and then get them in the mail! And then you need to come up with an easy way to display your masterpiece!

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S’mores Sippers

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Roasting marshmallows is an art. At least I think so. I don’t want to shove my marshmallow in the flames and let it turn black. I don’t really care for the flavor of smoke and ash. Blech. The trick is hold it away from the heat far enough so that just the edges get crispy and golden with that toasty flavor. The inside turns to a delicious goo…hold on, I need to go roast another one.

I’m totally not joking. I just roasted another one over my stove and chowed down. Yum. OK, back to work. :) So, the other day, I saw a really cool video floating around social media for toasted marshmallow shot glasses. I don’t drink, but I thought it was such a cool idea. I told my husband about it and we both looked at each other at the same time and said, “Chocolate milk!”

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Vegetable Scarecrow

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vegetable scarecrow

What do you see in this photo? I see a plate full of colorful vegetables, most of which I think are pretty tasty. My kids, on the other hand, see a plate of poison, designed to torture them and make their life miserable! All three of my boys will eat vegetables, but they each have their preferred vegetable (I hesitate to use the word favorite here) as well as others they refuse to try. Getting kids to eat vegetables is a daily challenge for most parents. 9 out of 10 people in the United States do not get the proper amount of vegetables, according to The State Of The Plate report. As my kids get older, it’s easier to get them to eat a wider variety of veggies. Charlie, my 3 year old, is still learning to try to new things and developing his tastes, so I try to come up with creative ways to introduce him to new flavors.

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Let’s Get Real #62

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Woot! Woot! Let’s get this Friday started. Let’s Get Real is all about Healthy Living. That’s right! It’s all about Real Food, fitness, health and wellness, and home life tips and tricks from Real people. That’s you! Grab a cup of coffee (or other preferred beverage ). Relax into a comfy spot and take some time to get to know the great folks that link up here.

**This week you can enter to win next week’s special co-host spot. If you are interested in co-hosting next week, please enter the rafflecopter give-away. We would love to have you join us for the week. 


Let's Get Real Friday Linky Party
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Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt

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pumpkin patch

For weeks now, our kids have been waiting to go the local pumpkin patch. The seasonal company started stringing the lights and bringing in the fences at the end of September. When they finally opened the first weekend of October, the kids started asking when we were going EVERY time we drove by! (Which is more than once a day!) So tonight, we went for “happy hour” while the tickets are half price. Even then, a trip to the pumpkin patch can get very expensive! Ours has giant inflatable slides, bouncy houses, swings, carnival games, a petting zoo and rides. So to get a little more out of our trip to the pumpkin patch, I created a simple scavenger hunt for the kids to do while we were there! 

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Pointillism Painting with Pom Poms and Creative Galaxy

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creative galaxy on Amazon

There’s a new show available on Amazon Prime Instant Video, and it’s an instant hit in our house! Creative Galaxy is about a little alien boy named Arty who travels around with his pal Epiphany (I loved this little sidekick) solving problems with art! It really plays towards a child’s natural inclinations to imagine and create. The screen is bursting with bright colors and fun music while you create alongside Arty and his friends. Charlie was immediately drawn in and he sat through two full episodes before I made him turn it off. (Each episode is about 30 minutes and there are two adventures per episode.)

creative galaxy 1

The very first episode finds Arty at the library that his mother designed (she’s an architect) but no one is staying to read the books in the library. Arty discovers that the reason the kids are leaving is because it’s kind of “blah” inside. There are no decorations on the walls! *Gasp* :) So he decides he’s going to create a painting to decorate the library walls. While visiting the planet with paint and paintbrushes, he learns about Pointillism. When I heard that, I started to gather up some supplies for Charlie to create his own painting using the pointillism technique (painting with dots.)

pom pom painting

While he was watching the show, I sketched a pumpkin and vine on a canvas I had leftover from last Christmas. At the end of each episode, there’s a short video of kids doing an art or craft that goes along with the theme of the episode. The first episode had a little girl creating a pizza using paint and pom poms. I thought Charlie would like that, so I grabbed a few pom poms and we used them to paint “dots” just like Arty did. Charlie kept saying, “It’s just like the show!”


Dot dot dot….dot dot dot…dot dot dot dot dot!

pom pom

He wasn’t exactly great about staying in the lines I’d drawn, but I held my tongue and let him just fill it all in wherever he wanted. :) When we finished with the orange dots, I gave him some green to add the vine and leaves. Well, the leaves ended up just being a big green field instead, but I still think our pumpkin turned out great! Pointillism isn’t supposed to be an exact art anyway!

pointillism pumpkin

After watching another episode about building with blocks, our wooden block collection has been out on the dining room table for a few days. Even Henry (6 years old) likes to watch. He thought he was too old for the show at first, but seeing the kids at the end of each episode doing fun projects convinced him he needed to try it out. He’s our creative one, really. I’m so glad for a fun show like this (it’s made by the same people who created Blue’s Clues) because I’m NOT naturally creative and “artsy” at all. The ideas that are built-in to the episodes make it easy to implement some art into your every day life! I’m completely for anything that encourages right-brained activity, especially music and art!

pointillism pom pom painting

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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