Back to School Ball Jar Teacher Gift

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Can you believe that it’s almost time for school to start again? The schools around us are all on different schedules, so some are starting up in less than two weeks, and others won’t be going back until after Labor Day (which is how it was when I was in school.) This back to school gift is perfect for your new teachers and if you fill it with Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils, it will be both practical and pretty! (affiliate link)

ball pencil jar

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Nutella S’mores Dessert Pizza

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nutella smores pizza

It’s no secret around here that I love S’mores. Graham crackers, roasted marshmallows and chocolate-what’s NOT to like? Oh, and the new S’mores Frappuccino they came out with at Starbucks this year is solely responsible for the ten pounds I gained in the last few months. Seriously. I’m secretly glad they stopped making it, because I can’t stop myself from ordering them. I’ve been miserably chugging Slimfast and munching carrots this last week to pay for my sins. But enough about my poor life decisions, because this Nutella S’mores Dessert Pizza¬†is totally worth the calories.

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Graham Cracker Pizza Dough

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Make the perfect dessert pizza from scratch using this easy graham cracker pizza dough!

One of my favorite things about a pizza buffet is the dessert pizza. It’s no secret I’m a dessert lover. I’d happily skip the salads and cheesy pizzas and just dive into the cinnamon roll or apple pie pizzas-if only that weren’t frowned upon by general society. ūüėČ I’ve made a few different fruit or dessert pizzas in the past, but when I saw this recipe for Graham Cracker Pizza Crust from Picky Palate, I HAD to try it. Even though working with yeast totally intimidates me, I keep trying. There’s just nothing like fresh, homemade dough!¬†

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Let’s Get Real #100

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Woot! Woot! Let’s get this Friday started and this Friday is extra special!¬† We’ve made it to 100 weeks of¬†Let’s Get Real. From the start, Let’s Get Real has been all about Healthy Living and that is quite an appeal to lots of folks.¬†We are¬†all about Real Food, fitness, health and wellness, and home life tips and tricks. Each week, I encourage you to take a few moments just for yourself.¬† We can all use some time¬†for ourselves.¬† Grab a comfortable spot to sit and enjoy getting to know some of the best bloggers I know.

Let's Get Real 100
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One Skillet Pasta Meal: Vol. 2, Day 23

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one skillet pasta meal


ONE SKILLET. ¬†Do you know what that means? ¬†You can cook an entire meal in ONE pan. ¬†Even the pasta-it cooks in the sauce with everything else! ¬†This came together in 20 minutes and was wolfed down by my husband and boys. ¬†I was so happy with how this came together! Oh-and it’s cheap. Check. ¬†Check. ¬†Check. ¬†Added to the menu rotation: One Skillet Pasta Meal.

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Easy Chicken Lo Mein

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chicken lo mein plate feature

I’m so excited to be contributing over at¬†the Love Nerds for the next several months. I’ll be sharing some great recipes and easy DIY projects that I love.¬†This Easy Chicken Lo Mein is a great meal to toss together when you are short on time¬†and long on hungry! Even my kids will gobble it up (vegetables included, believe it or not!) and it tastes great as leftovers the next day. Head on over the The Love Nerds to get the recipe!¬†

chicken lo mein vertical

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Easy Ruffled Tissue Paper Garland

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Easy Ruffled Tissue Paper Garland

This year I was way behind with getting my mantel decorated for summer! I had a few things up for Easter, and then adjusted it for spring, but as the summer rolled around, I kept walking by my Push Pin Art¬†“Spring” sign and never took it down! Finally, the week of July 4th, I made myself sit down and put together an easy tissue paper garland.¬†I like to use red, white and blue all summer long, so my Independence Day decorations usually last from June-August. :) These garlands cost next to nothing to make and you can string together a pretty large one in less than thirty minutes.¬†

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OREO Brownie Trifle

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Oreo brownie trifle

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to some friends’ house for dinner (Hi, Judy!) and I volunteered to bring dessert.

I like dessert. Dessert is my favorite.

I asked Judy what they would like and she wanted something like the OREO Dirt Cake I’ve made in the past. I wanted to do something new, so I went to my Desserts board on Pinterest and found this OREO Brownie Trifle from Baker Homemaker that was perfect. Trifles are easy to put together, look pretty, and this one is extra kid-friendly!

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Let’s Get Real #99

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Welcome back! This is the first link party I’ve hosted in the last four weeks because I was taking a break and working on some behind-the-scenes kind of stuff. OK, I was taking a vacation, too. :) But I’m so happy to be back with my Let’s Get Real co-hosts to see what kind of great posts you have to link up this week! I don’t have a featured favorite since I wasn’t hosting last week, but I’ll be choosing one post to feature next week! Thanks for coming back to link up with us this week!

Woot! Woot! Let’s get this Friday started. Let’s Get Real is all about Healthy Living. That’s right! It’s all about Real Food, fitness, health and wellness, and home life tips and tricks from Real people. That’s you! I encourage you to take a few moments just for you.¬† Grab a comfortable spot to sit and enjoy getting to know some of the best bloggers I know.

Let's Get Real Friday Linky Party
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Crockpot Macaroni and Cheese

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slow cooker macaroni and cheese
I’ve been using my boys as guinea pigs for so many new recipes, I figured I’d go with one they were bound to like. ¬†I got this one in a daily email from The recipe calls for bacon as a topping on the macaroni and cheese, but I’m not a fan, so I left it out. It’s really a hybrid meal, because you still have to boil the noodles before putting everything in the crock pot, but it is nice to get things ready for dinner in the afternoon and then you avoid that 5:00 rush to get dinner going. ¬†We had ours with a crusty baguette and I would have gone with a salad as well, but the crisper was empty. ¬†Oops. ¬†:)
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