Let’s Get Real #50

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Welcome to our Let’s Get Real Friday Party!

We made it to 50!

Woot! Woot! Let’s get this Friday started. Let’s Get Real is all about Healthy Living. That’s right! It’s all about Real Food, fitness, health and wellness, and home life tips and tricks from Real people. That’s you! Grab a cup of coffee (or other preferred beverage ). Relax into a comfy spot and take some time to get to know the great folks that link up here.

**This week you can enter to win next week’s special co-host spot. If you are interested in co-hosting next week, please enter the rafflecopter give-away. We would love to have you join us for the week.**

Special Note:  We are starting aLet’s Get Real Bloggers Facebook Group.  We would love to have all of you Let’s Get Real bloggers join us as we help each other to grow.

Let's Get Real
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DIY Hair Tie-Guest Post

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Clare Brown Mills Jewelry Geodes
Good morning! I’m so thankful Nicole let me join you today on her blog while she’s off enjoying a fabulous vacation! I’m Heather and I blog at My Life Well Loved, a lifestyle blog. I’m married to my college sweetheart, Eric and we celebrated our 5 year anniversary in New Zealand at the end of last year! I’m a Christian and my passions include Pure Barre, clean eating, social media, workout swag and helping others to love their lives well.
hair tie
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Lose Weight with Smart Snacking #GoodNightSnack #cbias

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s'mores cereal Krave

Since May, I have been working to lose weight. I have no more excuses. We are done having kids (unless there’s a little surprise down the road) and I’m not nursing, caring for a baby or any of the zillion other reasons there are to eat way too much food and get way too little exercise. So far, I’ve managed to lose 15 pounds. There’s no secret plan or anything, I’m just cutting calories way down. Which means I’m not snacking at night like I used to do. That makes me a little sad. I really REALLY like to curl up with the DVR and a big bowl of ice cream at the end of a long day. I tried to cut out the evening snacking entirely, but a deprived mommy is a grumpy mommy. No one likes a grumpy mommy. Fortunately for everyone living with me, I discovered Kellogg’s cereals with chocolate! Chocolate, people. Cereal isn’t just for breakfast anymore!

lose weight with Kellogg's

I was walking through Walmart’s “wall of cereal” aisle when I saw what I would consider dessert in a cereal box. :) S’mores? Yes please! I stood there trying to decide between the new Jif Peanut butter flavor, Rice Krispies Multigrain shapes, chocolate Krave, S’mores, Rice Krispie Treats….I could go on and on. :) I chose three boxes and stocked my pantry for good night snacking!

kellogg's cereals

There are lots of smart ways to snack at night to keep your diet on track and continue losing weight in a healthy manner.

  • If you’re craving something salty, have air-popped popcorn, lightly salted and buttered.
  • Frozen grapes are sweet and refreshing
  • String cheese is low in calories and a great source of calcium
  • Greek yogurt is tasty and great for mixing with fruit
  • Skip the milk and munch on some sweet cereal-like the chocolate and marshmallow filled Krave S’mores

Krave cereal closeup


Other than changing my nighttime snacking habits, the thing that has helped me the most is having a weight loss accountability partner. Actually, competitor. My brother had been losing weight for several weeks before I started and he challenged me to compete with him each week. Every Sunday, we start with $10 on the table.  The minimum weight loss to qualify for the money is one pound. We weigh in and report to each other on Sunday morning. It gets a little complicated here, but I’ll do my best to explain it: winnings are based on percentage and subtracted from the $10. For example, if I lose one pound and he loses nothing, he lost 0% of what I lost, and therefore owes me the whole $10. If he loses 4 pounds and I lose 2 pounds, I owe him $5 because I lost 50% of what he lost. If he loses 6 pounds and I lose 2, I owe him $6.66 because I lost 33% of his total.  As long as you are losing weight, you are still saving yourself money, even if you don’t win. Some weeks we have “paused” the weigh-in because of vacation or sickness but if we need extra motivation we will raise the amount the next week to $15 or $20. So far, we have traded back and forth pretty evenly. I’m convinced that the real success of Weight Watchers isn’t the points program or the support groups. It’s the forced weekly weigh-ins! Something about knowing that you have to get on that scale and report your success or failure to someone else keeps you motivated. It’s also nice to know that you can afford a “cheat day” now and then if it’s early in the week. I do a lot of exercising and very little snacking on Saturdays, though! :)

cereal snack

So what are you waiting for? Stop sabotaging all the hard work you do exercising and cutting calories during the day by stuffing your face with junk at night! :) Grab a box of Kellogg’s cereal and treat yourself to a snack you won’t regret in the morning. You may notice Spider-man on some of the boxes. Several Walmart stores are hosting a FREE screening of the Amazing Spider-Man 2. If you live close to any of these Walmart stores, you should go check it out and score a free Kellogg’s cereal bar, too! :)

  • Store number: 3790, Address: 16241 S. Farrell Rd. Lockport, IL 60441, Phone number: (815)838-1027, Date of event: 7/26/14
  • Store number: 648, Address: 1661 Jungermann Rd St. Peters, MO 63304, Phone number: (636)447-4450, Date of event: 8/2/14
  • Store number: 491, Address: 5130 Hinkleville Rd Paducah, KY 42001, Phone number: (270)444-0066, Date of event: 8/9/14

What about you? Are you trying to lose weight? Are you succeeding? :) I’d love any helpful tips to keep me motivated and on track. I have a long way to go still!



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Easy DIY Journal-Guest Post

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Guess what? I’m on vacation right now! So a few of my blogging buddies are filling in for me-isn’t that so sweet? Susan is super organized and knows her way around a moving van! She’s here today with a fun and simple project for creating a unique journal. Be sure to check out her site when you are finished reading and commenting on how wonderful her post is today! ;)

Hi, I’m Susan from Organized 31.  I’m excited to be here with Nicole and all of you today.  I’m a military mom with more than 20 moves in my rear view mirror and who knows how many more up ahead.  I share tips on organizing, crafting and family life and I’d love you if popped over to visit sometime.

Most of my tips and crafts are super easy (I don’t have time for complicated!).  Today’s simple DIY duct tape journal is definitely a quick and easy project.  I use journals for all types of organizing.  Every time we move, I set up a  moving journal and a new house journal.  I keep everything I need to know and remember in one easy to find spot.  I make journals for projects and life events, too.  I like to decorate the journals so that they’re bright and easy to find in the chaos of moving or of life.

Easy Duct Tape Journal - Organized 31

Start with a composition book or hard cover notebook.  I usually hit the clearance aisle to find my journals.  Since I’m going to decorate the cover, the rejected on sale notebook no one else wants is perfect for me. There are so many fun duct tape designs out there now that you’ll have no trouble find one or two or three that you love.Easy Duct Tape Journal - Organized 31

 Open your notebook and place it face down.  Cover the front of the notebook with strips of duct tape, leaving just a bit of overhang.  Easy Duct Tape Journal - Organized 31

Cover the bottom and top of the spine with a strip of duct tape lined up with the edge of the spine.Easy Duct Tape Journal - Organized 31

Next cover the spine with one strip of duct tape and the finish the back cover.Easy Duct Tape Journal - Organized 31

Fold the duct tape around the corners neatly.  You can trim the tape on the edges of the cover neatly before you wrap it around to the inside cover or add a piece of card stock for a finished look.Easy Duct Tape Journal - Organized 31

In less than 10 minutes you have a one-of-a-kind journal to organize your busy life.  This also a fun back-to-school project to make with the kiddos and make personalized notebooks.Easy Duct Tape Journal - Organized 31

 Happy organizing and journaling with your own simple DIY duct tape journal.

You may be interested in other journal and duct tape projects I’ve done.

DIY Journal for Your Medical Treatment Notes - Organized 31Captain America DIY Envelope - Organized 31quick back-to-school sqDuck Tape Envelope

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Let’s Get Real #49

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Welcome to our Let’s Get Real Friday Party!

Woot! Woot! Let’s get this Friday started. Let’s Get Real is all about Healthy Living. That’s right! It’s all about Real Food, fitness, health and wellness, and home life tips and tricks from Real people. That’s you! Grab a cup of coffee (or other preferred beverage ). Relax into a comfy spot and take some time to get to know the great folks that link up here.

**This week you can enter to win next week’s special co-host spot. If you are interested in co-hosting next week, please enter the rafflecopter give-away. We would love to have you join us for the week.**

Special Note:  We are starting a “Let’s Get Real Bloggers Facebook Group” if you are interested in joining, please leave a message with your FB email so we can get you added.


Let's Get Real Friday Party
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Choco Tacos Copycat Recipe: Vol. 2, Day 104

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choco taco


This week we celebrated Charlie’s 3rd birthday and my nephew Abe’s 2nd birthday with a water party just for the family. We made a huge slip and slide, had all sorts of water guns, sprinklers and squirters and finally ended up in the pool. Instead of a traditional birthday cake and ice cream, we had a giant Mickey Mouse cookie cake and I made this homemade version of Choco Tacos that were pinned from People.com. Yeah, who knew that People had a recipes department? You can see it and lots of other yummy recipes on my desserts board.

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Adventure City-Day Trips in Southern California

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sunshine kids blog hop 2014

Places to Visit with Kids in California:

Sunshine Kids Blog Hop 2014

Summer is a great time to explore with your kids – and you don’t have to travel far to do it! California has so much to offer to families. Take a great staycation this summer by visiting your local treasures! In our second annual Sunshine Kids Blog Hop, we are focusing on our favorite places to visit with kids in California. Enjoy! And be sure to add your own family-friendly California posts in our linky at the bottom. You can also check out even more California posts on our collaborative Kid Friendly California Pinterest board!

Participating Blogs:

Alldonemonkey.com Sparkling Buds baykidsplaybutton
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Capri+3 Savvy 3 MeMeTales
SoCalPocketMemories made-with-happy-square-200
365ishdaysofpinterest 2KuriousKids
Adventure Bee

 Our Day at Adventure City

adventure city

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