Wedding Day!

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Simple yet elegant wedding reception decorations that make your day special and keep you on budget!

My baby brother is getting married today. Yes, I know it’s a Tuesday. He’s weird.

As this is post is published, I’m in the air on my way to the wedding. Nothing like catching a red-eye for a coast to coast flight! I still can’t believe this day is finally here. Garret is 12 years younger than me and has always been a bit “behind” the rest of us. :) But he’s finally found the girl of his dreams and we will be adding “Aunt Anna” to our family today.


I was the built-in baby sitter for Garret growing up. He was my baby and I was happy to cart him around for my mom. :) He would nap in the strangest places!


I’ve always loved this photo- it reminds me of my own kids, now.


It’s hard to imagine this little guy who used to play in the church halls is all grown up now!


Garret grew up while I was gone off to college and then married. I really only lived with him until he was in Kindergarten. That’s probably a good thing. This teenager was a little annoying. :)


The typical senior portrait. A must have for every collection.


Garret went on after school to work at Ironwood Christian Camp for a couple years. He was very productive, as you can see.


And weird. Did I mention that yet?


BUT, my boys love him to death and have missed him since he moved away to get married.

Simple yet elegant wedding reception decorations that make your day special and keep you on budget!

So, congratulations, Garret. Good luck, Anna. :) We love you guys!

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Happy Memorial Day-“It Has Always Been the Soldier”

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I always hesitate to say “Happy Memorial Day” because it’s such a somber day of remembrance.  But it’s also a celebration of our country, patriotism and pride in the members of our armed forces.  To honor the fallen today, as well as thank those who currently serve, I want to share this presentation put together by my Alma mater.  Grab some tissue.   The song is titled “It has Always Been the Soldier.”

Happy Memorial Day.

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11 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

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outdoor activities for kids

It’s Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of summer season! School will be wrapping up in the next couple weeks and suddenly your kids are going to have lots of extra time on their hands. Instead of just saying, “Go play outside,” try one of these fun outdoor activities!

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Sponge Bombs and Let’s Get Real #91

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sponge bombs

It’s Memorial Day weekend-the official kickoff to summer (even though we still have a few weeks of spring left.) My kids have been begging to go swimming already (NO WAY) and if it’s remotely sunny out they want to play in the water. As you may have heard, California is in the middle of a serious drought, so I can’t just hand them the hose and let them have a good time. Instead, I pulled out these Sponge Bombs we made last summer and the kids had a blast! One bucket of water will provide tons of wet fun! These little water bombs are so cheap and easy to make! After you link up below (if that’s why you’re here) then head over and get the easy instructions for this summer activity!

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DIY Dishwasher Tablets

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DIY dishwasher tablets

Making my own detergent has been something on my “pinned to try” list for ages. I’ve done DIY dryer sheets (one of my most popular posts) and DIY wrinkle release spray, but never laundry detergent or dishwasher detergent. I’m not really sure why, either, because both of those things are so expensive! Well, I know why- I really just love the scent of Gain laundry detergent and it’s hard to give that up. :) When I saw these DIY dishwasher tablets on Not Quite Susie Homemaker (cute blog name, by the way) I thought I would give them a try because I really like the convenience of tablets over loose powder or liquid. 

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Garlic Knots

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Garlic Knots Pinterest

While my husband was between full-time jobs recently, he worked for a local bagel and pizza shop. They specialize in New York style pizza. The pizza is pretty good, but the Garlic Knots they sell on the side are amazing! When you’re talking about bread dough dunked in butter and covered in garlic, you can’t exactly go wrong.  :) We had homemade pizza a few nights ago and Jared whipped up some garlic knots for us. I saved three from total annihilation so I could snap a quick photo and share the recipe with you. If you haven’t made these before, put them on your list. Trust me.

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Creamy Pea Salad

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creamy pea salad pot luck side dish

A couple Sundays ago we celebrated our church’s 28th anniversary in standard Baptist fashion: with a potluck. Nobody does potlucks like Baptists. We know food. And our divers membership means that we get amazing Mexican, Italian, Cuban, Filipino, and mid-Eastern foods, among others. But this Creamy Pea Salad is a good old American standard. It’s cousin, the 7 layer salad is also popular, but I am NOT a fan of wilted lettuce salads or that much mayonnaise. I like to try something new (well, new to me) for special events like this, so I used a recipe I saw on Love Bakes Good Cakes with one tiny change and it turned out great! 

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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Let’s Get Real #90

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chewy chocolate chip cookies

Did you know tomorrow is National Chocolate Chip Day? If there’s a food holiday worth celebrating, this is it! I absolutely love and adore a soft, warm chocolate chip cookie. I don’t know if anything can beat it when it comes to sweets! I went digging through the archives and found this OLD post (Day 8 of my first 365) for chewy chocolate chip cookies. I’m sure about 12 people actually saw it, so I’m sharing it with you now. Because chocolate chips deserve a second look. :) After you link up with this week’s party, head over and check out this tasty recipe with an extra ingredient for soft, chewy cookies that stay that way!

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Easy Backyard Campout Ideas

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backyard camp out table labeled

Believe it or not, sometimes it actually rains in southern California. Usually, it’s when we have outdoor plans. For example, Henry is supposed to go on a Kindergarten field trip to pick strawberries on Friday, but that has been cancelled because the weather report says there’s a 100% chance of rain on Friday. And further proof of my hypothesis: this hastily arranged backyard campout “party” in place of the actual campout we had planned for the weekend. Although, to be honest, it didn’t hurt my feelings too much to go home and sleep in my own bed when the party was over! 

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Almond Wedding Punch

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almond wedding punch

You know how a certain smell or taste can bring memories flooding back to your mind? This Almond Punch is exactly that for me. I grew up as a pastor’s kid and so my mom was always hosting wedding showers, baby showers, ladies’ group activities and church potlucks. This slushy punch (also known as Wedding Punch) was a staple at those events. I am transported back to childhood every time I take a sip. It’s cool, refreshing and full of flavor. The fact that you prepare it early is a huge bonus when you are party planning!

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