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Day 171: Movie Theme Date Nights

I LOVE, love, love this idea!  Especially because most of these theme nights can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.  This page from Dating Divas has a collection of 18 different movies complete with ideas for the entire night that go with the theme.  There are some movies listed that we wouldn’t watch or enjoy, but there were also a couple that would make for a great date night.  At the bottom of the page there are a few links to other individual movies.  This page is just handy because there are so may in one place.  
So CUTE! You click on a movie, and they have a whole date night planned out that sticks to the theme of the movie. This looks fun!

For example, plan to watch The Blind Side (a great movie anyway) and have football themed snacks or grab some Taco Bell (the characters own several franchises).  Wear an old jersey while you watch and then plan a special way that you can help to serve others.  Get the idea? (it makes more sense if you’ve seen the movie already)

These date nights require a little bit of thought and planning, so pick one and send your hubby a themed invitation.  He’ll look forward to spending some special time with you all week! 

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